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Sembly AI : The Smartest AI Assistant for Your Online Meeting

Sembly is a super cool SaaS platform that turns your meetings into powerhouses of productivity. In fact, it helps us understand and speak human language, even when it’s tricky or silly! It’s like having a cool translator and coach in one! Additionally, it helps us chat with humans, understand things, and have meaningful conversations. Now, fasten your seat belt to read this useful Sembly AI Review!

How Does Sembly Work?

Well, Sembly AI uses its top-secret AI algorithms to do some serious transcription and analysis. Actually, it takes all the words and ideas from your meetings and turns them into valuable insights that you can actually put into action. No more wasting time deciphering messy meeting notes or struggling to remember who said what. Sembly‘s got your back! In particular, with its help, your meetings will be more effective, efficient, and filled with brilliant ideas. Say goodbye to boring meetings, because the Smartest AI Assistant for your online meeting is here!

How to Get Started Sembly AI?

You want to know how to start working with Sembly AI? No worries! We say to you how to do it with these Sembly Reviews! To start working with Sembly, you need to log in. So, follow these steps:

1. Enter the Website

First of all, enter the

Sembly AI

2. Login

Now, just press the login key in order to go to the next step of

Sembly AI

3. Choose a Way to Login

In this step, you will see some options, as you can see in pictures, in order to pick the best one to connect to


4. State Your Information

The only thing you need to do is to enter your Gmail address, for example, to get online on Sembly.

Sembly AI

5. Personalize Your Sembly Experience

Now, you will be asked to choose one option for each three items for making your activity more specific on Sembly AI. The questions have several options, and you should select the one which is close to your aim.

Sembly AI

6. Sign up to a Professional Plan

Now, according to the plan you have chosen by selecting those items, you will pay an amount of money.

Sembly AI

7. Enter your Account Information

The last step includes a window that you can fill some gaps, which are related to your account information.

Sembly AI

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Sembly AI Pricing

It is crystal clear that if you want to provide some special plans according to the project or aim you follow, you need to pay  some money to have specific sembly plans. This is the picture related to the price of them:

As you see, under the data related to the price of each plan, you can see their usages, too.

How to Use Sembly for Free?

While you are doing the proccess in which you can get started using Sembly, there is another option ‘ free trial’. This can be used for seven days, but still you have to state your bank account information to be able to use this option. Actually it is stated: ’By providing your card information, you allow Sembly AI to charge your card for future payments in accordance with their terms.’

Sembly AI

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In a nutshell, Sembly AI is a mind-blowing SaaS platform that takes your meetings to a whole new level of productivity. Furthermore, With its genius language skills, Sembly becomes your translator and coach, effortlessly tackling tricky and funny language moments. So, it unleashes seamless communication with humans, empowering meaningful conversations and deep understanding.


It is obvious that by reading Sembly AI Reviews, ample questions are drawn in your mind. We have mentioned some of them here. It is also worth mentioning that if you are pretty interested in AI Tools, it can be a good idea to read about AI Art on this website.

1. What Is Sembly Agent?

Sembly Agent bot can introduce itself, record the call, and even attend meetings when you can’t be there. In fact, it acts as your proxy, so you can skip the meeting but still have a presence. And guess what? It can even send messages to other attendees. With the Sembly Agent, your meetings become more convenient, flexible, and communication-friendly. It’s like having a meeting superhero by your side!

2. Does Sembly Record Video?

Sembly AI  joins and records your Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams meetings effortlessly. Need a transcript? Just upload your audio or video files, and voila! Sembly generates a searchable record, keeping all your meeting info in one handy place. 

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